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The truth about pregnancy?

The truth about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage like no other in a woman's life, some might say it's horrible, and some might say it's the most wonderful thing to experience. The question every woman is dying to know is," is pregnancy wonderful or not"? 

Can you even imagine yourself with swollen feet, big belly, being tired all the time, not to mention mood swings and crying Jags. It's probably the worst thing that could ever happen to you. All pregnant ladies are sure that they're not going to enjoy their pregnancy. They think they will suffer because of what they have read On the Internet or what they have been  told by previously pregnant ladies. 


What to Pack in Your Hospital Maternity Bag for a New-born.

Preparation for birth can be nerve-wracking. One of the most important aspects of preparing for birth is preparing your hospital maternity bag. Your hospital maternity bag should be packed with all items you will need during labour and delivery. 

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The common thought of pregnancy is negative. “Those who think that it's wonderful overwhelmingly seemed to be in denial”, that is what those who view pregnancy as a negative thing say about those who view it as a positive thing. No matter how hard you may try to research about pregnancy there will never be one clear answer to your question. no matter how much you look into pregnancy the majority of women will still tell you that there is no good thing about pregnancy. But is pregnancy really all that bad? 

Although every woman doesn't realise it, having a baby is a gift from God. The gift of giving life to a human being is one of the greatest gifts we as women could ever or receive. Pregnant women don't realise that this is a gift and some think that they do not deserve it or can't handle it, they think that they are not yet ready for it. 

I have read an article about pregnancy written by a mother called, “tales from the tummy”. The article is about her pregnancy experience. I was shocked when I read it because it's totally different from what I expected to be reading. I thought it's going to be a pretty short article without much detail since it's written from a mother to her son, but this has proven me totally wrong. 


Motherhood is one of the Most Powerful Connections Between You and Yourself

The bond between mother and child is one of the most powerful connections we will ever experience. It transcends words and transcends time. Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons, mothers and their own selves – they all share a uniquely strong connection.

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Reading the article is like reading a reflection of my feelings about pregnancy it was emotional for me because I could relate to the post an I could understand what she was feeling when she wrote the post about her experience in being pregnant, spoiler alert all the things were positive. 

I have learned that pregnancy is not all that bad because it brings you a beautiful little bundle of joy that could change your life forever. so, after reading this article ask yourself this one question, “is pregnancy truly as bad as they say it is”? 

Leave your pregnancy experience or your thoughts on pregnancy in the comments section thank you for reading. 


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